Wednesday, July 20, 2011

30 Day Challenge

We are right in the middle of our 30 day challenge and it has been a huge hit so far! Hopefully everyone out there has picked on thing that they wanted to change and stayed focused on it for 30 days. Mine was to cut out any sugar, drinks, diet soda, etc. I wasn't doing a ton of this stuff, but just enough that I was maintaining my weight and not losing. I actually had gained about 5-8pounds. Had Been floating around the 295 mark for quite some time, but had actually bumped up to the dreaded 300 pound mark again. The GREAT news is that after the first 15 days of the no sugar challenge I am down to 292 and hoping for the next 15 days will bring me to the elusive 280's!!!!

If you haven't done a 30 day challenge...FIND 1 thing and stick with it for 30 days. It really makes a difference just focusing on 1 thing!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


That was my primal roar I sure hope it didn't scare anyone. Actually if it did, I'm not sorry, you need to improve your ROAR because in this world it's survival of the fittest. Oh my gosh I sound like I've gone CrAzY! Here is the deal I am on week 2 of the book club for the Primal Blueprint with my friends at Udistrict PT and some of their great clients! The book is very interesting and actually we are not too far into the book, and are just doing a chapter a week, so if you want to join in there is plenty of time!

I have been eating "primal" or some form of it for about 9 months and it has helped me lose about 70 of my 100 pounds gone! As you know if you read the blog I have been flat for the last 3 months with the weight loss but still feeling healthy. THIS BOOK HAS ME PUMPED! It's like when someone tells you about how great a movie is and you are like "oh man that sounds awesome I really want to see it". I have been that guy. I buy into the primal/whole food eating for the past 9 months, but only because of what I had been told from others and it helped me lose weight. But now I'm reading the book that got Mike(my trainer) started on Primal and let me tell you it has changed my mindset once again. I'm now the guy telling you about how great the movie is...TRUST me you gotta see it(aka read the book).

Heres the thing the last 3 months have been really good with my eating but allowing sugar free drinks, some sugar drinks, an occasional snack here and there. NONE of it can be considered horrible eating, but the fact of the matter is it STALLED My Fat to fit Journey and I am NOT DONE losing weight. My journey will continue!

Good news I'm down 3 pounds this week!

Here are a few simple things to think about...maybe being primal sounds weird to you but does this???

1. Eat real, whole, nourishing food. Eating live foods (meat, eggs, fruit, veg) will supply your body with necessary nutrition, whereas 'dead carbs/calories' like flour, refined sugar, and processed JUNK will leave your body starving for nourishment.

2. Eat enough food. Not too little, not too much. Eat until you are satisfied, and then stop. If you concentrate on eating nourishing food, and really savour it by eating it slowly, you won't be left with cravings or feeling over-stuffed.

3. Use your body, and enjoy doing so. Being physically active is key to health. However, if you force yourself to exercise against your body's will, you will build mental barriers against the activity, and disrupt your health efforts. If you fulfill #1 and #2, you may find yourself wanting to move more. Find something you love doing, something that involves your whole body, and have fun!

My goal is to finish reading the book with the book club over the next 12 weeks and lose between 25-30 pounds. It's time for me to take the next big step in my HEALTH and move to a weight that I haven't seen since high school!

One more thing that I have found myself doing after reading the book is falling in love with some different foods and potential recipes that I hadn't done in the past. I seriously can eat plain ole chicken breast, fish and salads everyday and be happy. But spoiling yourself with something AMAZING once in awhile sure is nice.

Here are a few places that I have been looking at for recipes...
Spokane Primal

Girl gone Primal-Here is a picture from this site of some Coconut Salmon that I am putting on the "back burner" for my next AMAZING meal.

Let's hear your PRIMAL me it really feels good to be healthy...You're gonna want to ROAR :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Like a shark with a freakin' laser beam!

You want to change your ways? It really takes FOCUS...right now I'm in what I like to call "shark with a freakin laser beam" mode! In case your not sure, that is real real focused! :) for all you Austin Powers lovers here is the link to that's great for a laugh! Started a 12 week challenge with Mike and some other clients and trainers at Udistrict PT! We are all reading the book the Primal Blueprint. I have followed a lot of the ideas in the book for many months now and love it. But to get refocused on weight loss we decided it was time to read the whole book and really take my nutrition to the next level! So far so good. I have been at it for a week and feel amazing! So much energy and everything just feels great, I can feel the weight coming off already. I LOVE IT! I would highly recommend to anyone serious about being healthy or being healthy and losing weight to join in with us and read this book! I can't wait to report back next week and let you know how I have done with my weight loss. I've been stuck between about 92 and 102 pounds lost for the last 4 months, just going back and forth. ITS TIME TO GET INSPIRED AND MOVE TO THE NEXT PHASE OF MY HEALTHY LIFESTYLE...beware of my freakin' lasers!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I've got a lot of them right now...

Extra pounds Excuses Little mistakes Negative thoughts I have a lot of those things and I have now figured out the FATmatic equation of life. Mistake5x + Excuses x Negative thoughts=Extra Pounds It's really that simple. For some dumb reason I have put the formula to use for the past week and a half! I could give you all the excuses, but quite frankly they don't matter. I could tell you why I thought it was Ok to have a girl scout cookie(for the kids of course) or why I thought the caramel frappe at Mcdonalds was a good idea, but it would just be another excuses. Then it all snowballed on me and the negative thoughts aka FATHEADED thinking creeped by into my daily life for the first time in over a year! NOW here is the good mistakes are big greasy hamburgers or pizza. But the fact is they are still mistakes and lots of small mistakes and excuses really do lead to extra pounds. I HAVE ABOUT 5 POUNDS TO PROVE IT! My scale was creeping up towards a number I NEVER EVER WANT TO SEE AGAIN! So I've realized that the FAT formula really does work. Glad I was able to prove it :) Now I need to get back to the FITHEADED thinking and see if I can have a clever FIT formula for you in the next week! I leave with few of my favorite thoughts that got me motivated when I first started... Sacrifice something good for something better If you think you can or can't you are probably right and one that is soooooooooo crucial to healthy eating Failing to plan is planning to fail Heres to me taking my own advice for awhile

Thursday, March 10, 2011

VEGAS, ZAGS WIN but do I????

First of all my apologies for not blogging for 1 month!!! That is NOT ok and if you don't hear from me for a few weeks you better start emailing me and telling me to get with the program.

So I wanted to lose another 15 before the trip to VEGAS and I didn't make that goal ended up being 5 pounds down heading into the trip. Good news...I didn't beat myself up over it. I know I am gonna keep eating right and working hard and over time it will slowly go away. Plus I KNOW that is the healthy way to do it.

VEGAS was a blast. It was soooo much fun getting away for the weekend and enjoying the WCC championships with all the ZAGS. In the past there would have been no way the FATHEADED KEVIN would have been able to have fun and celebrate without eating BAD. Afterall EATING BAD IS FUN...right???? NOT anymore. I am so proud of myself for not eating one bad thing for me on the trip! I was like Charlie Sheen...winning! Now also like Charlie, I had way way way too much to drink and certainly had some sugar drinks that were NOT healthy at all(but they were dang good).

Got back home and checked in with mr scale. I was up 3 pounds from the trip, I honestly think most of it was just from drinking too many liquids :)

Mike and I are doing small 4 day challenges every week. MY current 4 day challenge is...GETTING BACK TO DRINKING JUST WATER! I have had such great success when I do this. Needless to say the alcohol didn't have a good effect on my body. I also have talked about the fact that the chai tea and those sugar drinks are also one of my biggest vices. So the challenge is on! I will check back with you after the challenge and see how it goes.

It's been awhile since I've post any pics. So I figured I would throw up a few from VEGAS.
BTW, My wife is really really pretty.

Be Healthy

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spring is on the way...but I already have it in my step!

Yes I have an extra spring in my step today and it's gonna stay there! I was finally able to get back to doing some walking and more excercising at the gym today. It is AMAZING to me what that can do for your overall "spirit"! When I didn't work out I always felt a little sluggish, I was focused on nutrition a lot but still just felt like I was missing something. Mike and I have been super patient waiting for my ankle to heal, again it's not like I have a game to play this weekend or a race to run at the end of the month. I am simply trying to be healthy FOREVER so way force. Now with that be said I was getting a little frustrated without being able to do much. We still did upper body stuff, but to be honest I think I have built up some muscle and that wasn't helping in the weight loss battle. I am still sitting right at the 100 pounds lost, but with the ability to start working harder again I think I am going to see that change quickly!

NOW one brutal little truth about my nutrition that has been throwing for a loop! I was being "perfect" with my nutrition 90% of the time and couldn't really figure out why my weight loss leveled out of the past 2 weeks. matters what you drink!!! I have completely given up on pop and that was helped me a ton. HOWEVER in the last few weeks I began totally addicted to Vanilla Chai Tea!! It was such a delicious treat and I didn't think much of's just a drink it can't be a big deal. Well after further review I realized that it had over 60 grams of sugar!!! I don't DO ANY SUGAR...except natural stuff from fruits and other whole foods! Needless to say that sugar spikes the insulin levels in my body causing me to store fat. Then all the "good fats" that I eat, nuts, avocado, olive oil, don't have the proper reaction with my body because it is in fat storing mode(I'm not a doctor I just play one on this blog)! Hopefully I said all that right but that is my understand of the process from Mike and what I realized is that I have to say good bye to the Chai Tea. SOOOOOoo I have switched over to an all natural Yerba Matte and I actually really like it! Not gonna do it everyday and become some Yerba addict, but for now I have one the battle of sacrifice...which is simply this...sacrifice something good(chai tea) for something better(yerba matte). Maybe the next move will be yerba matte to water :) I know Big Mike would love that!

Listen tomorrow morning around 8:20 if you get the chance, Mike will be with us and talk about challenging yourself to something for the next 30 days!

Talk to you soon...BE FITHEADED...that reminder was as much for me as anyone!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back in the saddle again

Actually I won't be riding horses anytime soon, but I am back to being able to hit the gym again this week! Super excited to get back at it. Report from the doctor on Monday was that I have some "junk" floating around in my ankle and that it had been super aggravated and also some tendionitis. Good news after wearing the boot for a few weeks he said things look better and to switch over to a brace and see how it felt. I was real sore for most of the week and so Mike and I just focused on doing some upper body stuff last week. As I sit here tonight I can honestly say that it feels about 80%, so I'm hoping to do a little more at the gym this week!

OHHH and one more thing I was suppossed to update you on....what the heck was it? Oh yeah, I'm getting a haircut this week. Wait that wasn't it. What was I suppossed to update everyone sons basketball team remained undefeated after another big win. NO that wasn't it either...

How bout the fact that my scale told me the magic number this past week! YES...100 pound mark has finally happened! I have been so close a couple of times, but I finally hit it this last week.

UP NEXT...shooting for another 15 pounds to be gone before my trip to VEGAS on March 4th. So that basically means I have 6 weeks to get it done. That is just between 2 and 3 pounds a week. That is realistic goal for me. I have been able to do that weight loss consistently when I am focused on nutrition and the fitness at the same time. Looking forward to the next month and hoping for no other hurdles!

FOOD IDEA...this is something people have requested from me. Things I enjoy that are healthy options for everyone!
I have found a favorite new breakfast that is great for getting in some healthy fat(FAT doesn't make you fat...unhealthy fat does) along with one of my favorite whole foods(eggs)! I make a nice 2 egg omelete with half an avacado mashed up as the filler. I then sprinkle it with a little Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle and you have yourself a wonderful "southwest Omelet"! Cooking time 5 MINUTES... I love it! Some days when I'm not in a hurry I will throw in some onions and peppers, mushrooms, etc. All the veggies that you love. Great solution for getting your day off to healthy filling start!